The detox frenzy has engulfed many societies across the globe and not without reason. Considering the vast environmental and lifestyle changes of the past few decades, the need to thoroughly cleanse the human body of toxins has become undeniable.

The current generation is exposed to a high level of toxins. This level of toxins is far higher than what the normal body detoxification system can handle.

There are certain aspects that can be blamed for such high levels of toxins:

  1. High levels of pollution
  2. A “couch potato” type of lifestyle and a lack of exercise
  3. Overdependence on fast foods that contain harmful preservatives and additives
  4. High levels of stress that result in an inefficient detoxification system
  5. Rampant use of recreational, illicit and prescription drugs (some of these drugs are touted as ‘relatively harmless’ but can cause the toxicity levels to rise to a large extent)

Due to the current demand, there are many detoxification programs and detox remedies. Many of them base their programs on herbal detox or natural detox remedies.

One of the most popular detox products is herbal detox tea. There are various types of herbal teas made from different combination of herbs like dandelion, chamomile, ginger, peppermint, hawthorn berry and green tea. Herbal teas are effective, contain no caffeine and are non-habit forming.