Muscle Building Foods

The most common question beginner and intermediate bodybuilders have is: How should I train to build muscle quickly? Although training is very important, it can never be complete without proper muscle building nutrition, or eating the right foods for maximum gains.

Many people make the mistake of focusing on the training aspect of things, even though it is well known that almost any type of workout routine will yield results

for the beginner, as long as they're lifting a load that is challenging...

Infact, at the beginner level, its more important to focus on safety and take a lighter approach, because virtually anything you do will pack on some muscle.

The greater focus should be on nutrition, through which the real bodies are built. Remember, bodies are broken down in the gym, and built in the kitchen. This is a cold hard fact thats very tough to swallow, but its the absolute truth. In the gym, you stimulate and breakdown your muscle fibers. It is during the rest and recovery phase that actual muscle building occurs.

You won't grow an ounce of muscle if you're not eating enough. The basic rule of thumb is to consume more calories than you burn, or in other words, create a calorie surplus. These extra calories will then be used to build and repair muscle. Within these calories, its important to focus equally on protein and carbohydrates, while consuming some fat. Moreover, micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals should also be included in the diet.The #1 most effective way to burn body fat ever (If you could only make one change to your current diet program, this would be it!)

Here's a list of some of the best muscle building foods you should consume:

1) Whey Protein: We consider this as a food rather than as a supplement, because it really is that good. Whey protein is highly "bio-available", a technical term that basically refers to how much protein per gram is absorbed by your body.

2) Eggs: A staple muscle building food that should be in every weight lifter's diet, because it contains a nice ratio of protein and fat, in addition to certain vitamins.

3) Milk: No secet here...milk does a body good. Its great because it also has carbohydrates, which are needed to assist the muscle building process.

  • Why carbs are not your enemy and how to enjoy a healthy fat burning nutrition program that includes all the carbs you need.

4) Flax oil: The organic form of this oil contains essential fatty acids which can really kickstart the muscle building process, and help you burn fat too!

5) Whole wheat: Perhaps the best carbohydrate source you can consume, because it digests slowly, give you plenty of energy, contains some protein, and is very nutritious.

6) Apples & Bananas: These two fruits help you get "quick absorbing" carbohydrates that give you instant energy. They also contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which is important for regular bowel movements.

7) Tuna: A great source of protein that is low in fat, and easy on the wallet.

8) Beef: You need some saturated fat in your diet to maximize testosterone production, and beef has enough saturated fat.

9) Multi-vitamin/mineral: Although this is more of a supplement, we're including it in this list because its very important. Take the highest quality product you can find...don't compromise with this supplement.

10) Green vegetables: You didn't think we would let you go without mentioning this, did you? As much as you might hate them, green vegetables are so nutrititious, so packed with vitamins and minerals, and so beneficial for the body that you must included them in your diet. Spinach, brocolli, and green lettuce are the obvious winners.

So there you have it, 10 of the best muscle building foods you can consume. Even if your diet only included the above 10 things, you would be in good shape, because your diet would be balanced with health proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.You're going to discover an easy way to trick your body into burning more calories by eating more with these delicious and healthy fat burning foods that satisfy your cravings...

Go out there and build a body that'll make us proud, and be sure to sent us your success story!


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