Power Surge Your Workout

Creatine has revolutionized sports nutrition since the 1992 Olympic Games - when two British sprinters used it and won gold. That’s a long time. Made by combining the amino acid arginine with glycine and methionine, creatine allows us to train without tiring, at higher intensity.

Because exercising increases the creatine content of our muscles, creatine levels are higher in fit people - naturally.

ATP fuels power pushes,

supplying energy for 1-2 seconds of intense exertion- when we’re doing things like sprinting or weight lifting.It’s creatine phosphate that’s needed to quickly re-stock ATP for the next push - re-stocking at the exact speed we’re pulling from our ATP supply.

There’s enough creatine phosphate in our muscles to fuel ATP production for the first 6 seconds of intense effort before there’s a switch to glucose fed energy. By supplementing with creatine, a supply of creatine phosphate can be remade instantly – between intense muscle contractions - so that there will be plenty of ATP fuel waiting for repeated power bursts.

Besides delivering a significant boost to our power pushes, supplementing with creatine can delay fatigue. Muscle fatigue is associated with using up creatine phosphate. At the same time – instantly - creatine can buffer lactic acid buildup, another smart way to delay fatigue.

Elite athletes have relied on creatine to power boost and prolong the intensity of their extraordinary performances for the last 16 years, and there’s still nothing new that beats it.