Muscle Recovery and Muscle Building

They’ve been checking out your cells

Everyone’s connected to their cell phone these days, but is anyone thinking about cellular connections related to maximized muscle strength; muscle building; and muscle recovery after intense weight training or any other strenuous exercise?

muscle recovery

Researchers studying muscles at the cell level, during and after extreme workouts, have shown that, bar none, drinking a protein/carb supplement pre, post or during training will promote the most efficient muscle building; least muscle damage; and fastest muscle recovery. The reasons have to do with the chemistry of muscle cells.

Any intense training stimulates anabolic- tissue building processes, and catabolic- tissue

break down processes during recovery. To gain muscle strength and size, the anabolic force must be greater than the catabolic force. The results of studying muscle cells confirm that a protein/carb combination shake is the most effective supplement for reducing markers of muscle damage, with measurably less cortisol, myoglobin and creatine kinase released.

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone; myoglobin carries oxygen in the muscle cell; and creatine kinase is a muscle enzyme. Your need for muscle repair and muscle recovery, after intense training, will be reduced the most when using a combination carb/protein supplement.

muscle building

On the flip side, new research also confirms that a protein/carb supplement, before and after weight training, triggers protein synthesis faster than just a carb supplement.

Using radioactive tracers to follow muscle building, scientists found that protein/carb supplements most efficiently activate protein synthesis by signaling three chemicals which attract amino acids for building muscle tissue. This means that since muscle tension and blood levels of amino

acids and insulin are all key for muscle growth, you can most efficiently stimulate the cellular action necessary for rapid muscle building by using a protein/carb supplement.

Having the right cell connections means having the most strength!!