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    It is a fairly basic fact that it is simply not possible to lose weight and then maintain that weight if you do not keep fit. This is because regular exercise helps to burn off calories and fat and it helps to keep the body toned and trim. However, there is  a lot more to it than that.

    If you are using fitness to lose weight it is definitely the best method you can use, but remember to combine it with a healthy diet . No amount of fitness program will give you the full benefits without a healthy diet!

    A healthy diet combined with a good fitness regime, will give you the benefits of weight loss.

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Body  and muscles building.

building muscles

Attractive muscles are the biggest assets of every bodybuilder. However, having good muscles, remains only as a dream for many, in spite of their hard work. The absence of a well planned muscle building nutrition strategy will be the possible reason behind this disappointment of lack of proper muscles.

Anyhow, sports nutrition has taken up it as a part of its interest, as sturdy muscles are the need of every sports person. Now, muscle building sports nutrition has formulated specific muscle building strategies.

However, muscle building is an essential requisite of body building and sports nutrition has attributed special attention for muscle building of the professional body builders.

Body Fitness Programs


At the beginning, your fitness program should not be overly aggressive. One of the biggest problems people encounter when starting a fitness program is rapidly depleted
motivation after only a few weeks due to an overly ambitious fitness program.

Attempting to do too much too fast is worse than doing nothing at all! Because then you feel like exercise is too hard and it's just not for you.

Start out slow, maybe just shooting for 1 or 2 workouts a week. Once you have successfully added that to your normal routine, then attempt to slowly add to your fitness program. Plus, most people don't need to exercise more than 3-4 times a week. That doesn't mean you can't exercise more; it's just not necessary.

Fitness Tips.

1. Use every machine in the gym.

Each cardiovascular machine in the gym trains your muscles differently. It makes more sense to use each machine for a short time than to spend your entire workout on one. If you have a half hour for cardio, spend 10 minutes each on the treadmill, stair climber, and stationary bike. Tomorrow opt for the rower, elliptical trainer, and VersaClimber. You'll get a better workout, and it'll be less boring.

2. Stash almonds in a desk drawer at work, in your car's glove box, and in your purse.

Hunger increases your taste sensitivity to sweet and salty substances, according to a new study. This means vending-machine snacks (which come in two flavors: sweet or salty — coincidence?) will taste even better when you're hungry. You could trust that you'd savor the flavor by eating only a small amount right. Or you could sidestep this land mine altogether by eating regularly during the day to stave off cravings.

Almonds are a great snack anytime. They're a nutrient-dense food that provides healthy monounsaturated fat, protein, and fiber, which together contribute to feeling full. Go for whole almonds in their unsalted, raw, or dry-roasted state. Fifteen to 20 will do the trick for a quick snack.

3. Eat before and after you exercise — no matter what time of day it is.

Not only does the food prevent your body from burning muscle tissue instead of fat when you work out (yes, that can actually happen), but it increases the number of calories you burn during and after exercise.

If you work out in the morning… You might eat a banana and hard-boiled egg OR cereal with fat-free milk for your pre-workout snack.Immediately after your workout, have a healthy breakfast, such as an egg-white omelet with vegetables, oatmeal, and orange juice.

If you work out at lunch…You might have a whey-protein shake with fruit before your workout and a chicken-breast sandwich and fruit for lunch immediately afterwards.

If you work out after work… You might eat some low-fat yogurt and cashews for your pre-workout snack and follow your workout with a healthy dinner, such as grilled salmon with wild rice and a green salad with olive oil-based dressing.

Happy Fitness...!!!


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