Dieting Tips for Overweight Children

Childhood obesity is a plague in the United States and the problem is becoming more prominent in other countries as well. Being overweight is not only unhealthy for children, but can hurt their self-esteem and can establish a pattern for their adult lives. Parents of obese or overweight children should act now; and the dieting tips for overweight children below will help them do that.

Encourage Them to Exercise

It’s important that parents place an importance on exercise, teaching their child that it’s necessary for a healthy body. Family exercise can be one great way of doing this and will help teach the child the importance of exercise. There are a lot of great exercises that families can do together that will be fun and will also help when it comes to obesity and children. Taking walks, swimming, roller skating, dancing, and riding bikes together can be great exercises for families. By showing their children that exercise is important, parents can foster a love of exercise and being active in those children.

Monitor the Child’s Eating Habits

Children are especially prone to taking in more calories than they burn. This is because children may feel the urge to eat when they are bored, upset or other times when they are not hungry. Parents should monitor children to ensure that their eating habits are healthy.

One way of doing this is by creating a food journal where the parents write down everything consumed by the children and the totaled calories. This can help the parent see just how many calories are being eaten.

Speak to the Pediatrician

It’s important to speak to the child’s pediatrician before starting any sort of actual diet. The reason is to ensure that there are no underlying causes for the child’s obesity. The doctor

can perform the usual tests to determine whether there is an underlying cause. He or she can also provide important tips and suggestions on which kinds of dieting techniques can be used for children, since they still need to receive a large amount of vitamins and nutrients for their bodies.

Make it a Family Affair

Getting children to eat healthy and exercise can be accomplished in several ways, but the truth is it needs to be a family affair. Children learn how to eat at home; by watching their parents. If children grow up eating healthy foods, it will be come a lifelong pattern. There are some fun ways that parents can introduce healthier foods to children, but the parents are going to need to really play an active role in getting their children to eat healthier. This means that the parents are going to have to eat healthier as well. It’s difficult to expect a child to eat steamed broccoli while the parent is having a cheeseburger and fries.  ( by: Kristi Carter )